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What does the Vouty Group mean?

In an increasingly competitive world where technology is ever more present, the Vouty Group is created with one goal: to help
The Vouty Group comprises startups in the technological segment and has as its main goal to help people and companies to solve their problems in a convenient and effective way.
In addition to contributing to a more sustainable environment for the next generations, the Vouty Group also believes that helping others is a cornerstone of its mission. For this reason, it provides financial support to these institutions: AACD, Doctors Without Borders and UNESCO through participation in their donor programs.

Where can you find the Vouty Group?

HQ: Brasilia, Brazil
Offices: Florida, USA, Sao Paulo and Aracaju, Brazil

Commencement of operations:

June, 2019

Current Number of Associates:


Solutions developed by the Vouty Group:

Vouty Tech: a startup that develops applications, software, SaaS and smart websites

Issues to be tackled: inadequate support; non-transparent service; prices charged without any criteria

Solutions: customers solve their needs at the time they need with those who understand; Honesty, sincerity, and transparency are basic principles in customer service. Vouty Tech wants and can help you. That's why it works with realistic and market-based prices and not based on the size of your company

Release date: July 2019

Vouty 360: a startup that develops virtual and augmented reality solutions for the real estate, industrial, commercial, hospital, academic and educational sectors

Issues to be tackled: static and boring user experience through texts and photos

Solutions: fun and interactive virtual reality and augmented reality user experience

To be released: September 2019

Calango Fast: a seamless, easy-to-use and safe disruptive e-commerce platform

Issues to be tackled: difficulty in finding household services, failure to let go of old items, transportation of sold items

Solutions: solution focused on the location (neighborhood) of users, thus eliminating the issue of transportation of items and facilitating the search and finding of products/services

To be released: September 2019

Calango Jobs: a startup that feeds back into the labour market with job opportunities

Issues to be tackled: unemployment, difficulty in finding job posts as well as difficulty in finding talented personnel, and problem in recruitment management

Solutions: Hub of job posts that allows people to find jobs and companies to post their vacancies and manage the recruitment process through CalangoJobs

To be released: Indefinido

Founders' Bio

Gabriel Rezende
Technology has always been one of the things that have always fascinated João Gabriel, from the online RPG games like Tibia to the advent of wireless networks. One of the things his father always used to say to justify why he encouraged his children to have early access to computers and the internet is because he understood that computers would be the "pen of the future". Bearing this in mind, Gabriel followed in the technology sector and now he is the CIO and co-founder of Vouty, a new startup that is an adept of the lean model and best practices that are part of the innovative ecosystem, such as design thinking and design sprint, and needless to say that Vouty is tuned to the world's innovation trends. The Vouty Group's mission is to deliver a final product to its customers. João Gabriel works in the planning and development of the foundations so that each one of the Vouty Group's partners/customers can succeed in a market as competitive and disruptive as the one we are living in today.
Daniel B C Fernandes
Daniel has always been passionate about technology. Hungry for arcade games, he was amazed by the rise of video games. Owning a video game was a boy's dream, which came true at the age of 10. Daniel was the founder of Leader Translations, a company specialized in written and simultaneous translation services with operations in Brazil and abroad. Facebook, United Nations, Ford Foundation, UNESCO, and several government agencies are among its main clients. Daniel has also worked professionally in several editions of WorldSkills, the largest professional competition in the world. In 2015, he decided to learn more about how the startups environment operated because they were changing the way people live in the world. So he went to the Silicon Valley where he had the opportunity to experience the world innovation hub by visiting, meeting and interacting with directors and employees of several companies such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Sales Force. Not yet convinced and realizing that there was more to learn, he took part in crash courses at Stanford and Berkeley universities, where he could see that his dream of helping people solve other problems that would go beyond his job at the time, translation, was closer to becoming a reality. Today he is the CEO and co-founder of the Vouty Group and is active in the planning and development of the foundations so that each of the Vouty Group's partners/customers can succeed in a market as competitive and disruptive as the one we are living in today.


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