Smart sites.

Why does my company need a smart website?

Research shows that 84% of people give more credibility to companies that have a website than those that have a presence only on social networks. If your company is being born now, in the process of expansion or is already consolidated, if it is micro, small or large, it needs an intelligent site to generate more revenue, create a relationship between potential customers and supporters of your brand, service or product, and of course, put your company in a prominent place in your niche.

What differentiates a smart site from a site created in Wix or similar?

An smart site applies concepts of user experience and has a clear objective previously defined, which is analyzed and customized so that your company does not have just one more site on the Internet. At Vouty we believe that the engagement of the visitor to your company's website leads to an action that positively impacts your entire business. When you create a site in Wix, for example, you have site models ready that several people use and end up having another site on the Internet, ie a site created from a robot that does not understand the real needs of your company.

What makes a site smart?

A smart site dialogues with your visitor presenting valuable content that leads you to the purchase or conversion that your company seeks. In addition a smart site makes use of the most advanced technologies in navigability, responsiveness, capture, retention and most importantly, conversion of a mere visitor or curious, into a fan of your brand or company.

I want to hire Vouty now to develop a smart site unique to my company. How do I do it?

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