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5 reasons why your company needs a digital marketing strategy

Marketing and advertising have come a long way. You already know that. But that you're losing money, you know that? In the past, marketing campaigns were limited to television, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising. But today, as the world moves toward the digital market, companies are expanding their reach and connecting with audiences through digital marketing strategies on social networks.
Digital Marketing is encouraging and creating brand recognition through INTERNET. All digital marketing concepts aim:
And what does that mean? You can put your business where your customer is: in a digital world thirsty for content! Through the use of digital marketing strategies in conjunction with traditional marketing strategies, you can improve and extend the results of your campaigns.

1. A strategy provides clear direction and objectives

By creating a strategy, you will be able to:

Learn: Know what to do?
Plan: Develop an action plan
Do: Follow the plan
Grow: Increase your business potential

Thus, by developing an appropriate strategy to conduct a digital marketing campaign on social networks, you will have clear direction and objectives. Companies that do not have a proper strategy in place will not have a sense of what they want to do online and what they will do to address some of the crucial issues.
Without specific goals, it becomes difficult to know what result you want to achieve in a digital marketing campaign on social networks.
Writing a well-defined marketing strategy will help companies deal with crucial issues, such as who to sell to, defining their target audience, creating a suitable digital program, and successfully conducting an online campaign.

2. Consumers are increasingly digital

Research shows that consumers are increasingly in front of the mobile screen. Following the surveys they are keeping an eye on the cell phone screen, on average 150 times a day.
60% of consumers say they "can't live without their smartphones".
Today, consumers are increasingly looking for digital content and want each of their purchases to be unique. Search engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING are the most popular search engines.
Another study shows that 82% of consumers rely on websites to shop or hire services, in addition to seeking comments about a particular brand, product or service. In this same study it is revealed that about 25% of consumers use social media and blogged content to find new solutions, new products and brands that facilitate their daily lives.
Faced with all these statistics, you can now understand how digital marketing strategies can influence your business. If you fail to engage your brand with correct digital marketing strategies, then you may lose potential customers, fans and ambassadors for your brand.

3. Digital campaigns are easy to track and monitor

Want to know the scope and performance of your campaigns? Digital Marketing on Vouty's social networks is unbeatable!
Imagine: you allocated resources to have the campaigns running so that they can bring results. Well, you can track digital marketing metrics through metrics, which give you an accurate measurement of ROI (return on investment) and also allow you to identify areas that need improvement.
Using analytical tools, Vouty's marketing analysts can analyze different types of advertising content and evaluate how audiences react to each campaign. Vouty's digital marketing analysts can check the number of visitors to your website, the number of page views, the average time a user spends on your website, bounce rates, conversions and analyze your growth over time.
By looking at all these aspects, Vouty can work to optimize the digital marketing strategy on your company's social networks and achieve the best results you expect.

4. Your brand gains more interactivity

Digital marketing is here, now, everywhere, on the smartphone of your prospect and your current customer.
With certain digital marketing campaigns, such as social networking marketing, blogging, search results enhancement, text messaging and online ads, you can offer your customers a more personalized experience.
With short videos, companies draw the attention of their audiences. Material such as images, infographics, short videos, customer testimonials keeps your audience informed, entertains them and attracts customers in an ideal environment. Cisco predicts that by 2020, about 80% of Internet traffic will be through videos.
Remarketing strategies in social networks show consumers what they have left behind and constantly remind them about their brand. With personalized content in ads, you become more interactive with your consumers and can stay in their minds and encourage them to shop into the future.

5. You increase the reach of your brand

With digital marketing, you can strategically focus on increasing the visibility of your brand.
Digital marketing also provides new ways to reach your target audience, providing a great exposure and building a lasting recognition of your brand. Through blogged content, social networks and search engines reach those customers that you may have lost and need to be recovered.
Planning a digital marketing strategy is not very complicated. You just need to define your goals, strategies, KPIs (Performance Indicators) and document them.
Your competition not only has well-defined strategies, but is also continuously investing in those strategies. Research shows that by 2020, digital advertising spending will reach $23 billion. If you don't work on creating digital marketing strategies for your company, it will be left behind.

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